Join us in conversation with high schools across the country on November 16th!

  • Dr. Abraham will be discussing student goal-setting, resiliency, success-driven decision-making, and designing a positive path forward.

  • Each session with Dr. Abraham is 60-minutes with a 45-minute live, inspiring session followed by a 15-minute student Q&A.

  • Choose from the following event options on Tuesday, November 16th. There are three times available: 10am, 12pm, 2pm, all ET.

  • And, we have prepared a Summit Success Guidance document to support your key messaging to staff and students around this outstanding event!

Payment Options

Pay now by credit card, PayPal, Stripe

Pay by Purchase Order for districts/schools

Please scan a copy of your Purchase Order and include each school name plus contact person for the district and each school (with first & last name of each plus their email address) and send to:; please include "Student Success Summit" in the subject line. Upon receipt, we will enroll each participant in the course. Please contact us at this email address if you have questions about this process.

I believe...all students can learn. It is our job as educators. First, we commit to the belief and then, as educators, we make it happen.

Meet Dr. Marck Abraham

Dr. Abraham is a transformational leader with a wealth of experience in urban education. He is committed to providing a world-class educational experience that ensures all students achieve their goals of post-secondary college and fulfilling careers. His mission has been to create environments that assist students to reach their maximum potential in life.

PLC Associates and MEA Consultants

MEA Consultants LLC provides supports for school turnaround and transformation for urban schools where subgroup performance must be enhanced. PLC and MEA work together to make certain we are set for success for all students as we create systems that respect diversity, opportunity and inclusion.