For newly appointed and current district leaders – would you benefit from:

  • Useful and practical strategies to enhance and protect your leadership practices to mediate the environment during a time of great change and stress.

  • Tilting the table and odds of success through increased efficiency, resiliency and success of leadership and decreasing personal/professional risk.

  • The skill of resiliency will be integrated among all domains, based on Dr. Reed's book - “Resilient Leadership For Turbulent Times."

  • Continued dialog and sharing around these topics with us and other district leaders who share similar successes and challenges.

Meet your instructors

As highly successful superintendents, Dr. Richards, Dr. Reed, and Ms. Smith will dive deep into the three domains of leadership and provide critical and useful strategies to be successful and resilient in any leadership role. We will also focus on collaborative engagement and networking to help break down the walls of the leadership silos.

  • Dr. Diane Reed – retired NYS superintendent, assistant superintendent and principal. She is currently the director of the Educational Leadership Program and professor at St. John Fisher College. Dr. Reed is the author of - "Resilient Leadership for Turbulent Times" and a leadership coach.

  • Dr. Randy Richards – retired NYS superintendent, school principal and counselor, focused on leadership growth and coaching, and district and school strategic planning.

  • Betsy Smith – retired NYS superintendent, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction, principal, ELA coordinator, focused on strategic planning and leadership development and has also taught graduate students at UAlbany as an adjunct instructor with the School of Education’s Leadership and Policy Department.

Payment Options

Join us starting October 27th for our first of four, high-impact sessions! Includes all materials, resources and tools.

Pay by Purchase Order for districts/schools

Please scan a copy of your Purchase Order and include participant list (with first & last name of each plus their email address) and send to –; please include "Level-Up Your Leadership" in the subject line. Upon receipt, we will enroll each participant in the course. Please contact us at this email address if you have questions about this process.

Overview of "Strategies to Level-Up Your Leadership Practices"

October 27th- 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  • We will introduce our leadership experiences and share the course format and scope of our shared work. Diane, Betsy, and Randy will provide an overview of three leadership domains: personal, professional, and mediating the environment. Dr. Reed, will share her work on Resilient Leadership as this topic will be embedded in all three domains. Resilience is the new required leadership skill, and the Leader Resilience Profile (LRP) you engage in will provide you with insight into your skills in this important area. We will also review the Leverage Leadership Inventory (LLI) and Superintendent District Leadership Inventory (SDLI).

Domain 1 - Personal Leadership Practices

November 4th – 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  • We explore – “Who are you?” “What are your values, beliefs, and non-negotiables?” You will begin to develop your Personal Leadership Mission Statement and discover how it begins to intersect with your Professional Leadership Mission Statement. Resilience in the personal leadership domain will be emphasized. We will review the results of the Leader Resilience Profile (LRP) then the Leverage Leadership Inventory (LLI) and Superintendent District Leadership Inventory (SDLI).

Domain 2 - Professional Leadership Practices

November 17th – 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  • We will continue our work from the previous session and now focus on how your Personal Leadership Mission Statement intersects with your Professional Leadership Mission Statement. We will also explore – “What does our leadership inventory indicate as areas needing professional growth and skill-building?” As a result of your individual participation in the Profile and Inventories, you will discover your strengths and areas for growth leading to your personal-professional development plan.

Domain 3 - Mediating The Environment

December 1st – 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  • It's a challenging and uncertain environment for leaders, how do you mediate this? During this session, Diane, Betsy and Randy will focus on – “How might we maneuver our leadership landscape when it is confronted and challenged?” We will explore effective communication and legal practices and counter moves and actions. We will then shift to “What happens when things go south? When you sense that the tide is turning, what do you do?” Resilience is needed and never more important. A summary of our sessions, sharing of our collective toolbox and next steps – leadership coaching, etc.

Watch Intro Video

Introduction to "Strategies to Level-Up Your Leadership Practices"

Dr. Randy Richards

Prior to the start of each live session, on the day of the session, we will release a Zoom link and materials in your Thinkific Course Dashboard.

Join us, starting October 27th, from 6-7:30pm.

Four live, ninety-minute high-impact sessions!