Refine your understanding of intentional planning, instruction, and assessment in promoting academic success for all students.

  • Explore the best practices of intentional instruction as connected to planning, delivery and assessment.

  • Discuss the best lesson designs contributing to the highly effective and focused instructional practices that result in immediate student gains.

  • Identify high-impact assessments and formative feedback practices that predictably promote greater student success.

Your instructor - Dr. Margy Jones-Carey

  • Dr. Margy Jones-Carey spent more than 30 years working in PreK-12 public schools with a variety of titles; teacher, principal, coordinator, director, chief academic officer, assistant/associate superintendent and executive director.

  • She also has experience working in higher education and currently works with doctoral students at college in Buffalo, NY. She has experience working in the areas of curriculum design, curriculum audits, pedagogical practices, strategic planning, social and emotional learning/MTSS, restorative practices and leadership development and coaching.

  • She is the host of the PLC Chalk Talk podcasts and is a contributing author on

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A brief overview of the course

Overview of "Intentional Instruction and Assessment"

A PLC International Learning Academy On-Demand Course

  • Intentional Instruction and Assessment offers participants the opportunity to refine their understanding of intentional planning, instruction, and assessment in promoting academic success for all students.

  • Intentional instruction refers to the delivery of curriculum (pedagogy) that has a specific purpose. Often teachers have a curriculum map or a list of resources that are to guide the curriculum but there is little provided to determine the best ways to deliver instruction. Compounding that is a lack of clarity on the best type of assessment to use to determine student learning. Participants will learn about the best practices in designing and implementing intentional instruction and purposeful assessments.

Module 1 Learning Intentions

  • DISCUSS – the role of intentional planning in overall student achievement.

  • REVIEW – the role of relationships with students in creating intentional plans.

  • REFINE – what we mean by student achievement.

  • DEVELOP – a planning template.

Module 2 Learning Intentions

  • DISCUSS – what we mean by intentional instruction.

  • REVIEW – the role of intentional instruction in overall student achievement.

  • REFINE – the role of relationships with student in creating intentional plans.

  • DEVELOP – a working plan to be purposeful in the pedagogy selected.

Module 3 Learning Intentions

  • DISCUSS – the different types of assessments.

  • REVIEW – the role of using assessments in planning and delivery of instruction.

  • REFINE – the role of data in determining types of assessments.

  • DEVELOP - a working plan for planning instruction and assessment.