Unleash your power of shared leadership.

  • Diagnose the current degree of performance for each team in your school across a continuum of development;

  • Delve deeply into the 3 capacities and the mindsets of high-performing, accountable teams;

  • Design an action plan for 1-2 teams in your school that you seek to develop with clarity of next steps, success metrics, and shorter and longer term progress goals.

Meet your instructor - Christina Lesh

  • Christina Lesh has been an educator for 20+ years serving in instructional and leadership roles including elementary and intermediate level special education instruction, Director of Student Services (K-12) and as a Principal (K-8). She also led as the Program Director of the Teacher Potential Project, a federally-funded research project, which achieved statistically significant impact on educator effectiveness and students’ literacy achievement.

  • She is also a certified Executive Leadership Coach, through the University at Buffalo Center for Leadership and Effectiveness. In her work as a leadership coach she forges bridges between the business and education industries, so leaders from both sectors achieve their goals.

  • She is passionate about empowering teachers and leaders to create sustainable systems and to deliver high-quality instruction that leads to lasting and equitable impact for all students.

  • Connect with and learn more about Christina Lesh at: www.linkedin.com/in/christinalesh

Payment Options

Join us starting September 20th for our first of three, high-impact sessions! Course pricing is $95pp. Includes all materials, resources and tools.

Pay by Purchase Order for districts/schools

Please scan a copy of your Purchase Order and include participant list (with first & last name of each plus their email address) and send to: info@plcassociates.com; please include "Unleash the Power of Shared Leadership" in the subject line. Upon receipt, we will enroll each participant in the course. Please contact us at this email address if you have questions about this process.

Introduction to "Unleash the Power of Shared Leadership"

Christina Lesh

Overview of "Unleash the Power of Shared Leadership"

A PLC Learning Academy Course

  • Explore how school leaders unleash the potential of shared leadership by developing the capacity of teacher teams. Improving student learning isn’t a top-down endeavor. To accelerate improvement and help it gain traction schoolwide, school leaders need to empower teachers to lead collaborative work. To do this, leaders need to invest in specific leadership development and build the skills of people across roles.

  • In these sessions, you’ll assess the work of teams at your school on a continuum. You’ll gain a vision of what is possible: accountable teams where members bring a laser-like focus to student learning, equity, and a willingness to hold each other accountable to shared commitments.

  • Through reading case studies and sharing ideas with each other, you’ll learn about the skill sets and mindsets needed to help teams make progress along the continuum to become more accountable.

  • This 3 part mini-series is open to educators across roles with particular relevance for members of schoolwide leadership teams, team leaders and department heads.

Session 1 - Learning Intentions

September 20th: 6:00 to 7:30pm ET

  • DISCUSS – the reasons for teams - why teams? why now?

  • REVIEW – diagnose the current degree of performance for each team in your school across a continuum of development.

  • REFINE – zero in on the 1-2 teams at your school that if developed would have high impact for all learners.

  • DEVELOP – map out look-fors when observing teams in action to determine how they are making progress.

Session 2 - Learning Intentions

September 30th: 9:00 to 10:30am ET

  • DISCUSS – the 3 capacities of high-performing, accountable teams.

  • REVIEW – with 1-2 specific teams in mind, delve deeper into capacities those teams have and are not yet developed in.

  • REFINE – identify the necessary mindsets and skills that are not yet developed and so holding your named teams back from reaching their potential.

  • DEVELOP – determine the current assets and needs for each team member based on the 3 capacities of high-performing, accountable teams.

Session 3 - Learning Intentions

October 7th: 9:00 to 10:30am ET

  • DISCUSS – in role-alike groups, share new learning and understanding about your 1-2 teams you are seeking to develop.

  • REVIEW – case studies that showcase teams at a certain degree of performance and the leadership moves that supported shifting mindsets and team impact.

  • REFINE – identify from case study analysis the replicable leadership moves that would serve your 1-2 teams’ development needs.

  • DEVELOP – an action plan for the 1-2 teams in your school you seek to develop with clarity of next steps, success metrics, and shorter and longer term progress goals.