Deepen student engagement in your classroom!

On Monday, May 16th we will:

  • Explore dimensions of engagement and specific teacher practices that foster inclusion and opportunity for every learner.

  • Share simultaneous and continuous engagement strategies that will increase a learners' retention and achievement.

  • Examine universal, high impact student engagement protocols. Each fosters inclusiveness that empowers learners to lead their learning that lasts.

Meet your instructor - Carolyn Tinsley

  • Carolyn Tinsley has been an educator for 30+ years serving in curricular and instructional teacher and leadership roles, including elementary, intermediate, and secondary. She specifically was an enrichment coordinator (K-8), director of professional learning (K-12), reading specialist (K-12), and a classroom teacher (K-6).

  • She is passionate about empowering teachers and leaders to design and deliver high-quality instruction that leads to lasting and equitable impact for all students.

  • Connect with and learn more about Carolyn Tinsley at:

Payment Options

Join us on May 16th for this high-impact session! Course pricing is $95pp. Includes all materials, resources and tools.

Pay by Purchase Order for districts/schools

Please scan a copy of your Purchase Order and include participant list (with first & last name of each plus their email address) and send to:; please include "Impactful Student Engagement, Opportunity and Inclusion" in the subject line. Upon receipt, we will enroll each participant in the course. Please contact us at this email address if you have questions about this process.

Introduction to "Impactful Student Engagement, Opportunity and Inclusion - Everyday, Every Student!"

Carolyn Tinsley

Overview of "Impactful Student Engagement, Opportunity and Inclusion - Everyday, Every Student!"

A PLC Learning Academy Course

  • Join your facilitator, Carolyn Tinsley, in exploring the 3 dimensions of student engagement along with thinking routines that include each dimension. Participants will explore these short, easy to learn routines that extend and deepen student’s thinking through student discourse and movement.

  • These routines are patterns of action that can be integrated into a variety of contexts and grade levels and differ from mere strategies. They get used over and over, becoming a fabric of the classroom culture. They do not take time away from anything else educators are doing, they can be implemented into a lesson the next day and enhance learning in the classroom.

  • The pandemic has shone a light on the immediate need for every student to be able to share their thinking through student discourse, asking meaningful questions and thinking deeply about their learning. Learn more about these inclusive routines that are fun and provide every learner with the opportunity to engage in deep and thoughtful thinking and learning.

Session - Learning Intentions

Monday, May 16, 2022 from 9:00 to 11:30am EST

  • DISCUSS – the dimensions of student engagement.

  • REVIEW – inclusive thinking routines will provide opportunities for every learner to actively engage in their own learning.

  • REFINE - reflect on your current instructional practice and entry points for thinking routines for your specific content and learners.

  • DEVELOP – effectively design learning that fosters opportunity and inclusion by engaging all learners that can be implemented the next day.